Helen2o: Fluid Communications is a public relations firm for small business in the Birmingham, Alabama area. We help business owners make sense of the myriad of marketing options available to them by looking at who their customers are and where can they be reached. Then we help them engage those customers by providing targeted web content,  social media solutions, e-marketing and media relations help. You can see  examples on my PR Clients page. With more than 20 years combined experience in media, corporate and non-profit communication, I've managed seven figure budgets and $100 ones. The one constant, regardless of the budget or industry, is telling a good story and packaging it in the right way. It makes a difference. Every business has a story to tell...let me help you tell yours.

I'm also passionate about  whitewater kayaking and provide group and private instruction. Visit my kayaking page for group instruction dates. If you have a group of five to 10 people we can discuss putting together an instruction course just for you. Take a look at this short video from my kayak classes last year. And, if your business could benefit from this type of customer testimonial let me know, we provide video production services as well.