Kayak Instruction

I love kayaking so much I want to share it with others. (check out this video from last year's classes) And, while you don't have to be certified to teach I felt it important to seek my Level 4 whitewater kayaking certification from the ACA about 10 years ago and this year earned Level 3 River Kayak Instructor Trainer. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of sharing my passion for this sport.

You do not need experience for my beginner classes. We start with the basics in a lake setting learning all of the strokes, then progress to mild moving water, then to Class I-II whitewater. If a student is interested I can add in learning to roll, but prefer to start with teaching people to stay upright first.  Also, teaching rolling can take time and I feel it is best taught one-on-one. A good basic whitewater course is good for anyone who wants to do recreational kayaking, or kayaking fishing. The ACA requires that river safety and river reading skills be taught as part of their curriculum and I'm a big believer in safety education.

A 50 % deposit is required to reserve your spot in the class.

2018 Instruction:

Below are dates for 2018. You can sign up by either contacting me .

May 5-6  - Local Beginner Whitewater Class with Birmingham Canoe Club - Cost $125

This is a beginner kayak class that will be held on various water venues in the Birmingham area depending on water levels. Ideally, the lake session will be held at Oak Mtn. with a moving water session on the Little Cahaba. Whitewater sessions will either be held on the Mulberry River or Locust River depending on river levels. There is no lodging for this class, and boat rental is extra if you need it. Contact Helen Todd at helen.todd@helen2o.com to reserve your spot.

June 2-3 – Beginner Whitewater Kayak Class, Hiwassee River, Reliance, TN

This is a  two-day introduction to whitewater kayaking on the Hiwassee River. Learning to kayak is an incredibly empowering activity, not to mention great exercise and a way to get away from it all. Come enjoy the company of other men and women and learn the basic skills of managing a kayak in mild moving water to Class II whitewater. No previous experience is necessary. We will be camping at Hiwassee Outfitters.  Minimum number of students is 5, maximum is 10. Cost is $125 for instruction only. Boat and gear rental is an extra $35. Contact Helen Todd at helen.todd@helen2o.com.

August 4-5 -- Intermediate Kayak Class (location TBD)

This is a one-day clinic, with an add-on day to just paddle. building on skills learned in beginner course. Will have an optional roll session on Friday afternoon before for anyone that is interested. Some of the skills we will work include: Fast Water Ferries, back ferries, S-turns, surfing, principals of boofing and more. Contact Helen Todd at helen.todd@helen2o.com.

August 25-26 - Dental Alliance Corporate Trip - full