My Simple Take On Facebook Advertising

screen shot of FB advertisingThere are many, many more people knowledgeable about social media and advertising on all social platforms than me. However, I’ve run into some business people who have had their Facebook advertising cut-off or just simply don’t understand the difference between a promoted post and actually doing a targeted ad with a call to action. If you didn’t know you could do that… read on.

In working with some clients I’ve been impressed with the level of targeting you can do in Facebook with ads. While folks in my industry are going ‘doh’ – I thought I would share some practical information to help those of you treading your own way with marketing.

If you have a Facebook Business page, go to your ads manager. It will either appear in the left hand column (mine is there on my favorites list) or it’s at the top of the right hand column. If you’ve never created an ad go to the green “create ad” button and you will see a screen that looks like this. Look at all of these options! My favorite, depending on the client, is ‘reach people near your business’. You can geo-target people within a 5, 10 or 15 mile radius (even larger) You can also pick men or women or both and age demographics. From there you can select what their interests are – all sorts of things like sports, health, recently engaged and even those interested in entrepreneurism. You can then select a call to action to click through to your website, ‘call now’ or ‘like’ your Facebook page. There are a lot of options.

Then you set your price. This is where I think a number of people get confused because you are setting a per-day price. So if you choose $5.00 and want your add to run for a week, then you are spending $25. And, be sure to set a beginning and end date, otherwise it will just keep going, which can get costly and surprising to say the least.

My other suggestion is to not just try an ad, but to think about what you want to achieve and develop a strategy. For example, if your page is new and doesn’t have a lot of likes, you might do a like campaign first, then do an ad for your webpage or blog and track the links. If you have an event you can advertise that. Again, tons of options but you really need to have a strategy.

The other thing I discovered is Facebook will now give you a tracking pixel to put on your website. This is invisible code that no one can see. This means if you do an ad and someone goes to your website then that person will pick up the tracking pixel and your ad will continue to deliver to them. Sounds creepy – like digital stalking. But, hey if you are offering something of value like a discount or buy-one get-one free offer, the person may appreciate it.

There is another thing you need to know about Facebook advertising. They like images, but not images with text. So if you think you are going to advertise a flyer -- you can't. They will reject images with more than 20 percent text.

If this article baked your noodle and you are not sure if you need a social media strategy -- give me call.

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