PR Clients

People often ask me what I do for my clients. My answer is simple -- I provide pain relief. Often times, when it comes to small businesses, communications and marketing roll to the bottom of the 'to do' list. I help my clients create an ongoing communications strategy, keep their websites up to date, and keep them updated on what is working.

Below are a couple of examples:

Hyde Engineering

When I started with Hyde Engineering more than three years ago, they had some specific needs: new client outreach, new website, media relations and some marketing materials. I started working with them on a retainer basis, which allowed me to be in their office one day a week. We accomplished these initial goals within the first year and discovered some other ways I could be of service. The primary is in preparing and responding to RFP's. Three years later we have a number of completed projects online at and I routinely manage putting together customized proposals. In addition, we've entered and won a few awards that are on their News page. I remain a part of their team and am in the office every Monday to go over what needs to be done. In addition, we've also started working on government contracting to diversify their project base.

Schoel Engineering

When Schoel came to me they had some specific needs as well. As a company that is well established in the Birmingham area, the firm has traditionally gotten business from referrals. However, they quickly realized that the business landscape was changing and that a new website and some marketing materials would better represent them in both the local community and in the broader marketplace. I worked to bring in five different web vendors to build the site. Schoel chose the vendor they were comfortable with. I brought in a graphic designer, Karin Fecteau of Perfecto Designs, and we created a look for both the new marketing materials and the website. Web design firm  Denning e-solutions made the website a reality, ensuring responsive design and custom designed project pages. I worked with both firms to provide the content for the marketing materials and the website. You can view the results on the new Schoel Engineering website.

Leitman, Siegel & Payne

When I was first introduced to this law firm I was nervous. I had never worked with a group of lawyers before and I truly didn't know what to expect. However, I will tell you that this truly the nicest and most responsive group of attorneys I've ever met. Their website and firm needed a complete brand upgrade. Again, I brought in a graphic design firm (Yellow Hammer Creative), and convinced them to do a responsive design site, way before Google demanded it. They also needed new photography for all of its staff, bios, and a reorganization and update in web content, including a video. Again, for a retainer fee, I spent 1 day a week in the office and worked to achieve the firms goals. The results can be found here. Again, web design was done by Denning e-solutions.

Non-profit work

Nothing is closer to my heart than non-profits. I started my career working at a non-profit and I know intimately the challenges faced day-to-day with budget and fundraising needs. I partnered with Michael at Plexamedia to help two non-profits redo their websites and advise them on social media use to drive traffic to events and fundraisers. Check out Full Life Ahead Foundation and aTeam Ministries. I've also helped them find media partners for events and promote events. Both of these organizations are fabulous and I love working with them whenever they need me.

These are just some examples of the work I do. There are also clients that I have signed confidentiality agreements with, so I can't divulge my working relationship. If you have questions about how I can help your business, just hit the contact me link and shoot me a note.